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Sabre: YX 87122 - Worldspan: YX RMFSR - Galileo/Apollo: YX 91046 - Amadeus: YX RMFASR - Pegasus: GL 21456

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lti Akassia Beach focusses on Culture Entertainment. There is the breathtaking 500m of sandy beach front. Having the option to enjoy all the Animation and Sports to be in CLUB CALIMERA Akassia Swiss Resort; lti Akassia Beach Guests have another chance to experience the more Relaxation in things.

   lti Akassia Beach  concentrates more on Cultural Entertainment ranging from Wine Tasting Events, to Art Fairs, Yoga, Wellness, and Environmental Exploration.

Sports and Entertainment

lti Akassia Beach Resort

lti Akassia  Beach is built in a tranquil natural setting.


   With the option to use all the facilities of its neighbor Hotel CLUB CALIMERA Akassia Swiss Resort: Guests will find the leisure of tranquility and the option to mix with some fun and adventure.


   Not forgetting the house reef which is an attraction for snorkelers and scuba divers seeking to explore the virgin under water life of this area.

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